introducing afterpay

introducing afterpay

remember your first credit card?

...when you thought it was free money?

...until the bill arrived?

but even then it wasn't so bad because there was only a minimum amount to pay - and in the end, all that really mattered to your 18 year old self was wearing your new blouse on friday night?

well, in a similar vein - and in our ever aggressive/desperate attempt to accessorize the world with cartography - we are pleased to announce a pretty rad partnership with afterpay

it's kinda like lay-away, in that you pay via installments, but unlike lay-away, you get the goods now, not later

here are the basics:
- shop now, pay over 4 installments, every 2 weeks (time it up with payday)
- there is no minimum purchase amount
- for now, only available to those in the united states (sorry)
- also for now, only visa and mastercard can be used (sorry, again)
- on those last 2 points, i will keep you updated heading into 2019

for more detailed information and all the faqs, check out:

hope this new alliance comes in handy for you - if not now, then down the road and into the holiday season

and with christmas - (or your winter time celebration of choice) - on your mind: have a great day