níłtsą́ is navajo for rain

navajo believe turquoise is create when the rain falls into the earth + mixes with the soil

on this memory wrap coil bracelet is a combination of stones prominent in navajo fashion; the palate of blues, whites and reds in this bracelet is inspired by the sky and the day dreamers who spend their hours lost in the beyond

turquoise is the stone of blessings, fortune, protection, good health + long life

blue lapis is the stone of truth, inner power, intuition + organization

black onyx is the stone which absorbs + transforms negative energy, helping physical + emotional stamina

orange coral is the stone of protection

white coral is the stone to help overcome fear

attached are either end of the wrap are sterling silver talismans: an eagle's talon, the wise medicine man's eye, a thunderbird and two arrows

bracelet wraps the wrist 3-4 times


made in nyc

please allow 5 business days for shipping