because the night


like many others, mark feels a kinship with patti, certain that a coffee date
would feel like sitting down with an old friend. upon returning from a tour,
they would share artifacts + stories from their travels, each treasure turning their home into a museum
of life on the road. these pieces were designed with the intent of retracing the memories of tour life
and scouring the markets for that special find:
a talisman of luck, a coin bearing romantic notions, a curious object that speaks to its new owner in mystery
always attracted to juxtapositions, in this work, mark mixes brass and silver
to create organic shapes and hard lines, relaying the dualities he and patti are pulled toward.
such is the human condition, raging punk with folk, dark with light, sex with god.
he presents this work in hopes that it represents the punk rock laureate in the manner that is befitting
new york royalty