shingwauk residential school, sault ste marie, ontario


all of our prices end in a peculiar .96 cents

it is part of our effort to highlight racial inequality - even in places celebrated for the civilized treatment of its constituents

in the summer of 2021, mass graves of children were discovered on the former sites of residential schools in canada; while the majority of the non-indigenous population was shocked and broken, the grim reveal validated what the first nations have spoken for decades

these schools were church and government run institutions that forcibly extracted indigenous children from their homes in order to isolate them from the influence of their families and traditions - and to assimilate them into the white culture

thousands never made it back home, and those that did returned with trauma that has reverberated for generations

while this may sound like a history lesson from an old text book, the last of the residential schools shut in 1996 and is very much part of our modern day discourse and now faces a reckoning; it is possible to love your home country for many reasons, but to also hold it accountable for others

to push this conversation, 96 cents from every item sold on cartography will be donated to organizations pursuing racial justice

we believe the time to help is always now