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since 2008, mark armstrong peddigrew has worked with rufus wainwright on the singer-songwriter’s world tours. in every city played, he makes time to visit flea markets, antique fairs and estate sales, from which he accumulates a trove of handsome charms, rustic bits and odd n sods from 5 continents, 30 countries and almost 150 cities. eventually they started to appear on chains around his neck, a travelogue of sorts that document some of the most amazing times in his life.

each of these original pieces was a vignette of art and history: at once melancholy and romantic, edgy and sexy, masculine yet sensitive – and like life, no two necklaces are the same, each standing as a unique testament to the lives they previously lived. they have all made their own journey, gathering a history, which continues on as they cross paths with their new adventurist. 

realizing that the resource for the perfect charms would be finite, mark turned to molding original designs. always a storyteller, he wanted to continue in the theme established by his initial work, making sure that his pieces were more than what they first appear. 


considering that his initials spell ‘map’ mark armstrong peddigrew may have been destined to be a globe-trotter. a self-professed old-soul, mark is a modern day renaissance man; educated in literature and psychology, trained in anatomy and fitness and in tune with design and esthetic. he was raised on the beautifully rugged island of newfoundland – against the wind and ice, under the rain and fog, in a place that is equal parts isolated and vibrant. perhaps it was growing up in st. john’s, the oldest city in north america, that provided the blueprint for mark’s fascination with all things antiquated.

upon graduation from university, mark skipped convocation to speed his studies as a student of the world and moved to london. after 3 years, he moved to new york city, the place that always seemed like home.