mother's little dealer


straddling the zone between the sacred and profane, mark’s latest collection is decidedly more playful than his covid offerings
once christened the taylor swift of jewelry design – (thank you, daily beast) – perhaps mld will also sanctify him as its andy warhol. drawing inspiration from pop art and drug culture, from higher powers and lower gutters, mark’s re-imagining of everyday objects and the smiley face are meant to evoke nostalgia for the wonder years, but with his signature, subversive twist
they also serve as a tonic to the darker, though still playful, assortment of pseudo-pharmaceuticals. knowing smirks and cheekiness aside, these pieces remain steadfast in cartography’s commitment to provocation against our current social and political landscape. they are totems of glamour and resistance in an embattled world, one where shame over sexuality and mental health persist, still
as ever, this is the ethos of cartography: to give pause, to ignite and to create conversation pieces through metal and stone – what will yours say?